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Lakeridge Elementary


What is the Guiding Principle?

This club is for allowing the kids to see each math problem as mystery thriller. But here, there is no pressure to get the right answer, or even to get an answer at all.

The six stages

Can my child participate?

The math kangaroo material is different for different grades. At the moment, only Grade 3 is available and only for students of Lakeridge Elementary.


Commencing October 2024. Wednesdays 8:10am - 9:10am


Room 31 at Lakeridge Elementary (kindly offered by the principal of Lakeridge Elementary)

What to bring?

Bring paper, a pencil and a colored Pen!


My contact is Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

What the Math Club is

The Math club will use the tutorials provided by Math Kangaroo. It can help kids prepare for the optional global math competition (similar to a math Olympiad).

The club will also provide a forum for kids to discuss the problems and their solutions.

Some of the problems are challenging and need a good grasp of the English language. Others are more pictorial. It is fair to say that all of the problems require conceptual thinking.

What the Math Club is not

Math Kangaroo programs are not tutorials for the core math standards taught in the classroom, but uses the child's math ability to solve interesting problems.

This means that the math club cannot assist with a child's math curriculum taught in the class-room. It is not a tutoring service, nor a remedial service.

If the child is struggling with math, please seek enrollment in one of the many after-school programs, such as Kumon, Mathnasium, or AoPS.

Last modified: 03 May 2024